Thursday, May 8, 2008

Family holiday 家庭假期 ( 5 )

In Cameron Highlands, we enjoyed the good company, good laugh, good food, good weather. We have various activities also.


We have visited the Boh Tea plantation and the award-wining Exhibition Center. We have tea of various flavors at the center.
我们参观了BOH 茶园,并在那得奖的展示中心,享用各种不同口味的香茶。

We have visited my friend,Paul Ng's hydroponic chrysanthemum farm. He exports all his flowers to Japan. He also brought us to visit his friend's hydroponic fruit orchard.


While enjoying the cool fresh air and beautiful scenery of Cameron Highlands, we also witnessed some worrying signs of pollution and destruction.


Usually these were the night's activi
ties (bottom)
通常这些都是晚上的活动 (下)

family hour

无聊 ?
boring ?
cat walking!

happy hour

走山路 Jungle walk

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