Tuesday, May 27, 2008

breaking out 浮生半日闲

Today (Tuesday) afternoon, my wife and I went to visit my brother in Seremban and my second sister-in-law in my "kampong", 15 kms from Seremban. Sharifah, my neighbour few doors away, followed.

We stopped at Seremban to have our favourite ABC (Air Batu Campur). It was the same store I patronised when I was in secondary school. That was almost forty years ago.... (RM0.40 then, RM1.40 now)

After the visitation, we went to The Farm. Andrew was cleaning up the place. A group of 100 campers just left not long ago.

The Farm looked cool and relaxing in the evening. We chatted and later have dinner together.

No hustle and bustle, no stress. Just doing simple things we were able to do, like reaching out to others, say hello to people that we know, visiting friends and relatives. Enjoyed a moment of peace and quiet with nature. These are the simple pleasure of life.

It was a refreshing and delightful half-day break.



在探访过后,我们顺道去FARM 溜荡。我的朋友Andrew正在忙着做清理工作,因为一群约百人的住宿者刚离开。他也偷闲的放下工作和我们闲聊。

傍晚时分的FARM 觉得特别清幽和平静。我们聊到夜幕低垂,就一起去用晚餐。



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