Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not the time yet 不是时候

It is not time yet for me to have a knee replacement.

This was the advice given by Professor Kwan of the University Malaya Specialist Center(UMSC) whom I have visited yesterday.

His reasons given: 1. age (young for this operation), 2) I am still enjoying freedom of movement. 3) worn original part is better than an artificial part.(continue to use it)

He will recommend knee replacement only if : 1) when pain becomes unbearable and affects my daily life. 2) when the cartilage is so worn out that the joint bones are rubbing against each other.

However, he has confirmed that I am having a fifty years old body with a pair of seventy years old knees. Since I have not sustain any injury before and neither a competitive sportsman, he said it is a mystery (God knows) that such condition occurred.

I am seeing him again in four months' time. Another evaluation will be made then.

Meanwhile, life goes on and the pain persisting......old bones are still useful.....


昨天,我去看了马大医院专科中心的关教授,这就是他给的意见。他给了三个理由: 1)我的年纪(还不是做这手术的年纪), 2)我还能够自由的行动, 3)虽然是有损坏,但天生的原本肢体,会比人造的好。(意思是说,还可以用就继续用下去)

在到了以下的两个状况之下,他会建议我做手术:1)当膝盖的痛,影响了我的起居生活及限制了我的行动。 2)当软骨损坏到骨头擦骨头的时候。





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谢谢。 我的老骨头一定要去你的店Relax 过后,才把它换掉!

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