Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SanJiGou 三机构

Last night, 26-5-08, The Three-Organisation (SanJiGou) held a get-together at the Mustard Seed Center in PJ. The gathering was aimed at fostering good rapport and coordination of members among the three organisations. About 30 members, including 6 priests and two seminarians, from these three organisation attended. They have a frank sharing and exchange of views and news on the local church as well as the country.

The three organisations were formed under the guidance of CDD (The Disciples of the Lord) Order to enable more committed laity be involved and direct participation in the evangelisation to the Chinese-speaking community.

The three organisations are :

1) Mustard Seed Evangelisation Centre (MSEC) - Formed in 1991 specialised in printed media, music and video productions, formation and training programme. Currently conducting Little Rock Bible Course throughout the country and overseas. They have successfully launched this programme in China (Guangzhou, Xian), Maccau, Taiwan, Brunei and Perth in Australia.

2) Cahaya Puri Holdings Sdn Bhd - Formed in 1996 to compliment the MSEC by acting as a marketing arm for books, magazine and music & video produced by them. It is a registered private limited company solely financed and managed by the laity. It also import books, music and video materials from overseas. One of the main aim of the company is to provide reasonable priced reading materials and religious reference books for the local Chinese speaking community.

3) The Constantini Research Centre - Formed in 1998. It is tasked to do research and analysis on religious and cultural issues and subjects impacting on the Church and the society.
CDD Provincial, Rev. Fr. Philip Tan

Dominic Chong

星期一晚上 (26-5-08), 我参加了在芥子园举行的三机构交流会。这交流会的目的是要促进三机构成员的情谊之外,更重要的是加强彼此间操作的协调及配合,达致相辅相成的效果。当晚约有三十人出席, 包括六名神父及两名修生。大家坦诚的交流,并分享了许多对教会及国家的意见及观点。




,成立于1996年。这是配合芥子心的制作工作,成为它的一个市场推广及售卖的平台。这是一间由平信徒出资及管理的注册有限公司。 除了本地的制作,它也从港、台进口书籍、音乐及录影光碟等。光仁其中一个主要的宗旨是为本地受华文教育的社群,提供合理及廉宜价格的阅读刊物及宗教参考书籍。


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