Sunday, May 25, 2008

Silence is Golden 静默是金

I was away for a weekend Silent Retreat at the Dominic Villa at the foothill of the Genting Highlands. Sixteen of us under the guidance of Rev. Fr. John Baptist Kang, spent 48 hours in silent meditation on personal relationship with God, spirituality and apostolic mission.

Fr. Kang said:"Silent Retreat is emptying oneself, in a monotonous space of time, waiting patiently for God....

Yes,I was waiting for God, I have a lot to talk to Him, many questions to ask Him....

But, at Genting, in the drizzle, I did not see God; after the heavy shower, God has not come; in silent meditation, God was not there; in Centering, I did not find God at the depth of my heart. Looking up the night sky of Genting, I could see the Eternal City of Entertainment, I did not see God at all. At the dead of the night, I looked up from my bed, God is nowhere to be found...

I will wait, I will continue to wait, patiently. Faith means waiting, waiting for the Lord..

As Fr. Kang said: one must be hidden in order to find the hidden God. May be I need to retreat further to hide myself.....

".....Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe."John 20:29

Nevertheless, it was indeed a good resting and spiritual refreshing weekend !

Fr. John Baptist Kang

Dominic Villa

Genting City of Entertainment

这个周末,我参加了一个静默避静。地点是在云顶山脚下的教会别墅 Dominic Villa. 十六位来自芥子福音传播中心、光仁服务中心及恒研心三机构的成员,在江奇星神父带领下,度过了四十八个小时静默的反省,特别是个人与天主的关系,默观自己的灵修及使徒生活。






“...... 那些没有看见而相信的,才是有福的!”(若20:29)


Physical and spiritual nourishment


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