Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Of late, Jeanne must be giving a lot of Jeanne-sing (Ginseng) to her besieged husband, Pak Lah. He needed extra energy and strength to tackle the many problems he is facing now.

He is under attack on all fronts. His own party members are calling him to step down. Oppositions are asking for his chair. Worse still, Mahathir is pulling the carpet under him.

Clearly Mahathir is having his own interest at heart. He even gone to the extend of splitting the party by resigning from the party. He looks to Abdullah as a sworn enemy and must be gotten rid of.

It is a wilderness out there. The vultures are circling on the weakened prey.

A weakened UMNO President and PM is no good for the country. As the country is facing many social and economic problems, we need his full attention and energy on these issues.

CUEPECs has gotten what it demanded. The Sabahans are asking for more rewards on their strong performance in the March general election. Mahathir has upped his ante and continue to show his destructive mischief...a divided UMNO, possible resignation of UMNO members and MPs following Mahathir's resignation; Many Barisan MPs are threatening a crossover, component parties in the Barisan are voicing out their dissatisfaction on the treatment by UMNO....not to mention the cries of People on the escalating food prices.......

It is really really getting hotter for Abdullah...

But, at the end of the day, it is glad to know that our PM will receive plenty of Jeanne-sing (Jeanne's tender loving care) when he gets home!

I am not your fan, but I do sincerely wish you: Good Luck Pak Lah !










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