Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Be warned 警告

There is a zoo in Kuala Lumpur. In fact there are many zoos in our country and throughout the world.

It is known that the ferocious animals are usually caged because they will attack people if let loose. So we caged the animals. All visitors to zoos will be safe and not be attacked by the wild animals.

While looking out from their cages, the animals see some male human being, cultured and educated, high moral but behaved like them. These people look at female like pieces of meat which will arouse their animal instinct especially those wearing sleeveless shirts, thin dresses, mini skirts, even the innocent school girls with pure white uniform will excite them too. They may pounce on them. It is not their fault if girls get hurt. They are certified animal, they reserved their animal rights to attack.

Recently, a new warning was issue to warn female that 『Please do not excite animals by wearing lipsticks and high heel shoes. 』

Be warned, at your own risk!






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Anonymous said...

well said... kick them animal ass....