Sunday, June 22, 2008

Malaysian weddings

I attended two weddings, a Malay and an Indian, on Saturday, 21-6-2008.

Eza from Seremban called me few weeks ago to invite us to her youngest daughter's wedding on 21-6-2008. She is the widow of Razaleh, my friend whom I knew about thirty years ago. He died in a traffic accident 25 years ago. His three children were very small then. The eldest son was about ten and the youngest daughter was just a baby.

His two other older children already married. Eza brought them up single-handedly.


几个星期前,芙蓉的Eza 来电话,邀请我们出现她最小女儿在21-6-08, 星期六举行的婚礼。她是我三十年前认识已故 Razaleh 的妻子。 Razaleh 在二十五年前的一启交通意外中身亡。当时他的三个子女还很小。大儿子才约十岁,小女儿还是一个婴儿。

他的两个大的孩子已经结婚了。他的太太 Eza 含辛茹苦的自己一个人带大三个孩子。

Eza 和他的大儿子
Eza and his eldest son

In the evening, I attended my driver Samy, his son's wedding in Puchong, Selangor. It was held in a temple. The ceremony was steeped with tradition and colours. A buffet dinner was served after the wedding ceremony.

在星期六傍晚,我参加了我的罗里司机,Samy 的儿子的婚礼。婚礼是在一间印度庙举行,仪式充满传统及鲜艳的颜色。婚礼过后有自由餐招待。

Samy (坐右,白衣)及太太(站在他右边)

Samy (seated white shirt,right)
and wife (right of him, standing)

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