Wednesday, June 25, 2008

happy stay 小住愉快

When you parents in law come visiting, what do you do?

No problem. First have satey, then have cai tao kuih. Next day, bring them to the FARM or see PutraJaya, the mega city.

My parents in law came down to Kajang yesterday for a two-day stay. They have been to the FARM and Putrajaya, so we brought them to have Satey and Chai Tao Kuih.

Happy stay, Pa & Mum !


没问题。 首先带他们去吃沙爹,然后尝尝美味的菜头糕。第二天,带他们去FARM 走走,再去Putrajaya 布城观光。

我的岳父母昨天到我家小住两天,他们已经去过FARM及Putrajaya, 所以就只是吃沙爹及菜头糕了。


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