Friday, June 27, 2008

云南故乡 Home in Yunnan





Today, my wife and I, together with two other fellow parishioners, will accompany Rev. Fr. Leo Chang for a trip to his hometown in Yunnan, China. Fr. Leo is 80 years old and on 29-6-08, will celebrate his 51st Anniversary of his priestly ordination.

His hometown is a small village called Xiao Pu Ze, situated about one and a half hour away by car from the capital Kunming. We will be there on 28-6-2008 to have a dinner celebration with about 3oo of his relatives and parishioners of Xiao Pu Ze. We will stay there for three days.

It is Summer in Yunna and is rainy season. Please pray for our journey and good health of Fr. Leo and all of us there.

We are leaving by MAS flight at 9:30 am today and will be back on 2-7-2008. I shall share my experience with you later when we get home. Bye.

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