Friday, July 4, 2008

Clash of the Titans 螃鹬相争

We arrived home yesterday evening at seven, one day more than our plan. We were forced to stay one extra day due to the biggest thunderstorm in fifty years in Kunming. Roads were flooded, airport was closed. The thunderstorm and an extra day capped our "Adventure in Kunming" which was full of excitement and agony! We are glad to be home...., and to some exciting news and events too.

I watched the news in Kunming about the sodomy allegation involving Anwar Ibrahim. Then this morning, I read the headlines in our papers another exciting revelation of Najib, the Deputy Prime Minister, of his sexual relationship with the murdered Mongolian woman, Altantuya.

Looks like the two "Prime Minister in waiting" are slugging it out at each other. This is the clash of the Titans ! They are fighting for their political lives. They are using whatever means to finish the other party. They are fighting for the grand prize of The Prime-Ministership!

But at the corner, the incumbent is watching in amazement. Prime Minister Abudullah must have heaped a sign of relief and thankful at the turn of event. His position is stronger than ever now! He is watching the two possible challengers of position fighting at each other. All attention and pressure are on them, not on him anymore. For the time being, he can have good sleep every night....

Holding his lovely Jeanne at night, looking out of the window at his grand Prime Minister's residence at PutraJaya, the beautiful lakes and bridges in sight, oh.... what a lovely night !

It is a cloudy sky, no moon. It is the rainy season, rain and thunderstorm may strike anytime. The rivers are getting dirtier by each day because more dirty linens are being brought out to wash. Yes, we need more rain to cleanse up our rivers, our country and our lives.

God bless Malaysia.




看来这是两位 “首相人选” 的大战的开始了。他们正在为他们的政治前途作生死之战。他们用各种手段,途径,就是要把对方消灭为目标。这场双雄之战的最终奖牌,就是首相的职位!






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