Tuesday, July 22, 2008

not safe! 不安全!

These were incidents happened recently to the people or at places that I knew.

A close relative of mine Johor Baru was robbed of his car (a Mercedes Benz) by a group of carjackers in Johor. He was driving at night near his housing area when his car was knocked at the back by another car. He came down to investigate. A man also came out from the other car. He offered apology and followed my relative to inspect his car.

All of a sudden, he noticed his car was being driven away by another man. He was stunned. Then the other car just sped way with the guy who came out to inspect. My relative was lucky that no physical injury caused in this incident.

The boss of the petrol station which I used to frequent was robbed of cash by robbers came in a brand new Toyota Camry !

The Singer Shop at my housing estate was robbed when the boss opened the door for business in the morning!

These has been the common occurrences in our country. What is the government doing to arrest the situation ? So far we see nothing..... we are still unsafe... to walk, to drive, buying petrol, even at home too.



我常光顾的油站老板,最近也被抢劫现款。强盗是驾着一辆新款的Toyato Camry,埋伏在油站旁边伺侯的。因为是豪华汽车,而没有引起怀疑。

在我住家外面的店屋,胜家 Singer 店号的老板,在早上要开门启业的时候,就被打枪了!


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