Monday, July 21, 2008

Friends in KK 亚庇的朋友

The first thing we did on our arrival was to pay Jenny a visit. Her parents, Agnes and Paul kindly came to fetch us from the hotel. On the last night of our visit, they brought us to a restaurant for a sumptuous yet economical dinner. Jenny's third elder brother, Jeffrey and wife Esther joined us also (right pic).

我们抵达亚庇的第一件事,就是探访俐雯。她的父母亲自到酒店来载我们。在离开亚庇的最后一天,他们还请我们吃了一顿丰富的晚餐。 俐雯的三哥及嫂嫂也陪伴同来(右上照)。

We met many other old friends in Kota Kinabalu. They warmly welcomed and entertained us throughout our stay. Rose and Ignatius brought us to a famous sea food restaurant for dinner. We were surprised to meet two youth from our Kajang Parish. They were holidaying with friends in KK also (below pic, left).

Rose 和 Ignatius 夫妇热情的款待我们,并带我们到一间著名的海鲜楼享用美味的海鲜晚餐。在哪里,我们很惊奇的遇见来自加影,我的堂区的两位青年,他们也是来亚庇游玩的 (下图左)。

Ignitius & Rose (seated)

Raymond Yong helped us booked hotels and other travel arrangement. He brought us to a shop to taste the delicious Coconut Pudding. It was very nice.

Raymond 帮我们订酒店及其他安排。他带我们去品尝美味冰冻的椰子布丁。

Friends meeting over breakfast
(famous fish meat noodles)



Fish Mee for breakfast
(with Cythia & Michael)



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