Friday, July 11, 2008

People we met 我们遇见的人物 (3)

The Bishop of Kunming - We have the opportunity to meet the newly elected Bishop of Kunming,Bishop Ma Ying Lin. He has just returned from Beijing. He came to know that Fr. Leo Chang was backed to his home village and graciously invited all of us to have lunch with him. He was friendly and showed Fr. around the diocesan and his office. We were very much at ease.

昆明马英林主教 - 我们有机会和新上任不久的昆明马主教见面 (和马英九没有亲戚关系 :D)。他刚从北京公干回来。他听说张神父回乡,很高兴的邀请我们和他共进午餐。马主教是河北人,因有要职在北京,所以常常往返昆明及北京。他为人随和可亲,和他一起,没有隔膜感。他还亲自带领张神父参观教区及他的办公室。


Fr. Chang wen Chang - He is old friend of Fr. Leo. He is ninety years old. He just recovered from a fatal accident. Other than hearing problem, he is in reasonable good health. We went out for a dinner together.

张文昌神父 - 他是张神父的老朋友,曾是小堡子的本堂神父。他今年已是九十岁了。他刚从一宗致命意外中复原过来。除了听觉有点问题,大致上健康还好。我们一同吃晚餐。


Fr. Francis Kou Ieou Yen - He is the person least we expect to see in Kunming. He is from the Johor-Melaka Diocese. His home village is in SiChuan Province. He is on a "Diocesan Mission". He sent personally the diocesan donation to the Sichuan earthquake relief party concerned in China. He stopped by Kunming and heard that Fr. Leo is in town,and came to our hotel to see Fr. Leo. He is a kind priest.

顾有彦神父 - 这是我们从没想到会在昆明见到他。他来自马来西亚甲柔教区,这次是带着使命而来。他是代表甲柔教区,亲手把教区的救灾捐款,交到四川灾区。他本身是来自四川,在昆明逗留,听说张神父也在昆明,他四处打听,找到了我们的酒店,就赶过来和张神父见面。他真是一位重感情的神父。我向他致敬。

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