Thursday, July 10, 2008

People we met 我们遇见的人物 (1)

We have met many interesting people during this trip.

Fr. Bi & Mr. Song - Fr. Bi (above, white shirt) is the Parish Priest of Xiao Pu Zi and four other neighbouring small parish communities. He was ordained five years ago. He told me he has a few years working experience before joining the priesthood. He has arranged everything for us during this trip. He is in his mid- thirties,energetic, up-to-date and very happening ! He wears a wrist-handphone ( on his left hand )。

Mr. Song (above, red shirt) is the Chairman of the parish council. He, together with Fr. Bi accompanying us throughout the trip. He was baptised in 2000. He spent a lot of his time and effort for the parish so much so that, as he said, "his business fortune is going downhill"

毕胜月神父,宋会长 - 毕神父(上图,白衣)是小堡子及邻近四个小堂的主任神父。他在五年前晋铎。他告诉我,他有了几年工作经验后,才进入修院。我们这次的行程及所有的一切庆典,都是由他安排的。他三十多岁,精力充沛,资讯先进,赶上潮流,也很新潮。他是使用一个手腕戴着的流动电话(左手)。

宋先生 (上图,红衣 )是小堡子堂区议会的会长。他和毕神父在我们这趟旅程中,全程陪伴。他是位新教友,在2000年才领先。他奉献了自己许多的时间和精力,为堂区建设努力,而使到他的“事业滑下坡”。


Fr. Kee (86)- He came from Kunming as Fr. Leo. He served in the Penang Diocese. He help to build a new church in Lu Mei Yi, his hometown in Kunming. As he has retired, he spent half of the year in China, and come back to Malaysia during the winter months. We met him on the way to Xiao Pu Zi at the church he built - Sacred Heart of Jesus Church. He treated us to a sumptuous lunch.

纪神父 (86)- 他和张神父一样,来自昆明。他在槟城教区服务至退休。他在他的家乡陆美邑,建了一间教堂。他通常会留在中国半年,然后在冬天的寒冷月份,回到马来西亚,住上半年。我们在前往小堡子的路上,到他建立的耶稣圣心堂,拜侯了他。他还请我们吃午餐。

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