Thursday, July 10, 2008

True or false 真或假

In recent weeks, many things happened. Allegations, counter-allegations, statutory declaration, counter-statutory declaration, no-confidence, no no-confidence, crossover, no crossover, by-election, no by-election,you see me now, you no see me now(disappeared). Even the second Finance Minister is playing the game of "I have" but "I don't have" when questioned at the parliament regarding the list of contractors under the ninth Malaysia Plan. (what an low intelligent minister judging from his answer).

We do not know what is true, what is false. In Malaysia politics, what you see is not what you get. There are so much undercurrent that the face of the nation can be changed overnight when it erupts.

Right now, all seems to have quieten down. It is an eerily quiet week. I believe this is the lull before the storm. It is no good for the country. But I hoped it can come sooner, the sooner the better.

I am longing for the sunny sky after the storm.

最近这几个星期,许多事情发生。指控,反指控,法定宣誓,反法定宣誓的宣誓,不信任,没有不信任,跳槽,没跳槽,有补选,没有补选,今天你看到,隔天你就看不到(失踪)。这包括第二财长,在国会被问到第九个大马计划下的承包商名单,他说 " 有 ",但 "我没有" !吹胀,这样的财长,不是一个很睿智的财长。




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