Sunday, July 27, 2008

people's voctory 人民胜利

For the past three years, 51 households in Rawang New Village lived in fear and anxiety. Their ancestral homes and properties would be demolished to make way for a TNB High Tension Power line project. Compensation was not satisfactory. They have resisted the acquisition through their then Barisan State Assemblyman and Member of Parliament (Transport Minister Chan Kong Choy) but to no avail. They were made running round the bush. They took TNB to court. While waiting for court decision, they are constantly on the lookout for any new move by TNB.

With the change of new State Government, they received good news yesterday. The Mentri Besar of Selangor announced that the TNB would have to reroute the project. The 51 properties are saved.

The Pakatan Raayat Mentri Besar Khalid made a visit to the site and brought the good news to the villagers. He said:" ...can make money, can buy land, but do not disrupt the lives of citizens..."

This is the triumph of the people power ! This news was not reported in any main stream English newspapers.

As a kampong boy (born and bred in new village), I cheered for the news. As I have said to the Perak Government's move to grant permanent land title to the villages in Perak, same to the Selangor Government for the people-friendly policy, I am giving them five years mandate plus another five more years to come. It is worthy !

Home is a sacred place. Government should not rob people the ownership of a house at its wimp and fancy.

在过去的三年里,万饶新村约 51 家住户及产业主人,在惊慌 、忧忡的情况下过日子。他们的产业将被拆除,以让路给国家能源公司的高压电线工程。政府的赔偿不令人接受。他们要求该区的州议员邓诗汉及国会议员(交通部长陈广才)的相助,但没有效果,得到的只是团团转。他们也把这事情带上法庭诉讼。在等待法庭判决之前,他们也是提心吊胆,国能会单方面采取行动,继续他们的工程。

在三月八号大选后的民联州政府,终于在昨天带来了好消息。州务大臣卡立,昨天巡察了该地时,宣布高压工程将会绕道,保住了51 个产业,不被拆除。大臣在会见民众是说:“钱可以赚,地可以买,但不可以干扰人民的生活。。。” 。这是人民力量的胜利。主要英文报章没有报道这则新闻。



Villagers welcoming Khalid

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