Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Proton VS Mercedes

The purchase of 14 Mercedes-Benzes Compressor E200, instead of local Proton Perdana, by the Terengganu State Government was strongly criticized by all quarters. The Prime Minister's appeal to people to be thrifty in this difficult time has fallen into deaf ear.

In his defence, the Chief Minister (Menteri Besar) of Terengganu said that Proton Perdana is simply lousy because of constant breakdown and high maintenance cost. It cost more than RM170,000.00 for repair and upkeep a Proton Perdana which currently costing around RM100,000.00. Another State Assembly who is enjoying the benefit of a new Mercedes Benz, also claimed that the Proton Perdana has no air bag thus not safe for long distance travel.

Good decision. They have saved hundreds of thousands of people's money. They also let people know that Proton Perdana is a lousy car, Mercedes Benz is very much better, indirectly telling us, please do not buy even if it is cheaper, very very much cheaper than foreign made cars.

I think any child in our country above the age of 6 will know the difference between Proton Perdana and Mercedes Benz. Instead of finding out why such high maintenance costs (all Malaysians already known the answer), he justified his decision by saying Mercedes Benz is a better choice. He has made a smart decision. He even revealed today that, although Proton Perdana V6 is the official car of all government officials, there are few Mercedes Benz cars parked at the house of the Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak.

Proton is our national car but a dinosaur with no new technology advancement. It is losing millions of Ringgit and needed government's support. Recently government has pumped in almost RM200 million "Research and Development" grant which appeared in Proton's financial report as "profit".

Buy Mercedes Benz or buy Proton Perdana, the money comes from the same pocket, our pocket. No difference. We the people are the looser.

Oh Oh ! I better go now to make my Income Tax monthly payment, otherwise I will be fined 10 % for late payment....! And I am as smart as the Terenggan Mentri Besar, not driving a Proton....but minus the money!

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