Sunday, August 3, 2008

citizen's concern

I hoped that I am not talking too often on the current affairs. But as a Malaysian citizen, I cannot distant myself from what is going on in our country. And practically, interesting if not shocking news breaking out everyday.

In July, Merdeka Centre of Opinion Research conducted a survey on 1030 Malaysians by telephone, throughout the peninsula who were randomly selected and structured along the national electorate profile to achieve proportional balance in terms of gender, ethnicity and state.

11% of Malays and Chinese, 13 % of Indians believed the sodomy allegations leveled on Anwar Ibrahim. However, a high 75 % Indians, 59 % of Chinese and 50 % of Malays did not believe in such allegations. And a high 66 % believed the allegations is politically motivated.

Yet, Anwar is facing imminent arrest based on the progress of the Police investigations. Time is not on his side if his plan of seizing power from the Barisan to be materilised in September as he claimed. This has prompted her wife vacating her parliamentary seat to make way for him to contest in the by-election. ( someone said the timing is "now or never")

Neither the Barisan Government is feeling easy if Anwar is being arrested and charged for Sodomy. Not Again a repeat of incident 10 years ago ! More so if he is a parliamentary norminee or a member of Parliament. It will risk raising public irk and will give another big dent to public confidence on already low credibility and transparency of our Judiciary and the Police in particular and the Government in general.

Prime Minister Abudullah's popularity has already dipped from 91% high in 2004 to all time low of 42 % in July 2008.

As a citizen, I do not agree with the changing of Government by way of crossing over (of Members of Parliament). They betray the trust of the people and should be condemned.

But I agreed that Anwar's sodomy allegations is politically motivated.

I, and millions of Malaysians, only want justice, peace, harmony and stability in our country. We have made it very clear on March 8 General Election. The rest of politicking are against our wishes.

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