Sunday, August 3, 2008

Goodbye my friend 再见我的朋友

This hand I held on 17-5-2008 has turned cold and faded into memory forever.

On 1-8-2008, I received a message from KC's wife informing me that KC has passed away at 5:00 am in Kuching Normah Hospital.

I received the news with sadness and relief. I am relieved that his suffering has ended. He has found Jesus, died in Jesus and will rise with Jesus.

I last visited him on 17-5-2008 in Kuching. It was our last goodbye.

May God rest his soul in eternal peace.

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See Blog Posting 22/7/08

这是我在17-5-2008 告别时,抓住KC 的手。现在,这只手,已变冰冷,成为永远的记忆了。

八月一日早上,我接到 KC 太太的来讯,告知他在早上五时,离开了这个世界。




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