Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A crazy idea 一个疯主意

Of all the illnesses, I considered kidney failures as one of the most suffering ones. End stage Renal failure patients need to go for regular dialysis treatments. I have many such friends and I know what are their sufferings.

Besides government hospitals, there are many dialysis treatment centers set up by charity organisations in our country catered for lower income and poor patients. However, I have seen many well to do patients also taking advantage of the subsidized treatment provided by such centers. Many of them owned commercial properties and fat in their bank accounts.

I came to know the MAA-MEDI Care Kidney Charity Fund some years ago and received their letter of appeal for fund yearly. In one of the appeal leaflets this year, I noticed a compay have donated RM42,500.00 for a dialysis machine (seven years life span). The price of dialysis machine has gone up by 20% recently.

All the while, I thought a dialysis machine costs very much more than this amount. A machine can help many people.

Can we help? We means you (my friends) and I. Can we raise RM 50,000.00 to purchase a machine for the center, not necessary MAA but others....

Can we in our small way, combine our effort to do a Big Good? Let us make it a Christmas present to the suffering people! (Handing over before Christmas)

My dear friends who visit my Blog, would you like to join in? If yes, please send an email to me at phunsen@pc.jaring.my for your contribution. We will discuss the details through Email.

Targeted donors:

RM 100.00 (100 persons)
RM1000.00 (10 persons)
RM3000.00 (5 persons)
RM5000.00 (3 persons)
The above is for estimation only. Any amount is welcomed.

This is my 'crazy idea'. You are not obliged to response.



好多年前我就接触到 MAA-MEDI Care 洗肾中心,也收到他们每年寄出的捐款呼吁信函。在今年的呼吁信函中,我看到一家私人公司捐助马币四万二千五百元给这中心,以购买一台洗肾机 (机器寿命七年)。


我们能不能够也来帮助呢?我说的我们 就是你(我的朋友)和我!我们能够筹到五万元 (RM50,000.00) 来捐给这中心购买一台洗肾机吗?或者不一定这中心,可以给其他中心。。。


我的部落格的朋友们,你们愿意加入吗?假如愿意,请发一封电邮给我(phunsen@pc.jaring.my), 再谈其他详情。


RM100.00 (100 人)
RM1000.00 (10 人)
RM3000.00 (5 人)
RM5000.00 (3人)


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