Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guidelines 指南

Dialysis Machine Project - GUIDELINES

1. This is a private project. No soliciting from member of public.

2. The name of donors and amount donated is private and confidential. It will not be revealed to non-donors except on item (4). You may donate anonymously.

3. Two of the donors will be appointed as auditors to scrutinise and verify all donations.

4. The name of donors, contact no, email and amount donated will be given to the auditors for auditing purpose.

5. A full list of donors and amount received will be forwarded to all donors when the targeted amount is achieved.

6. The same list will be given to the recipient dialysis center at the handing over of donations.

7. This is an act of charity. Each donor contributed according to his/her financial ability. All are equal. it is the spirit of participation and love that matters.

8. By donating into this project, you agreed to the guidelines above. You are to participate freely and voluntarily according to your means. I or/and no one shall be responsible for any inconvenience, time and financial loses or any legal implications out of your paritcipation.

9. Donors are allowed to withdraw their donation at any time for any reason. I, Simon Phun, who initiated this project, would honour to return the amount donated. However, the request must be made before the handing over to the recipient.

10. God bless us all.

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洗肾机计划 - 指南

1. 这是私人计划,不能向公众募捐。

2. 乐捐者的姓名、联络电话及捐款数额,将会保密,不会向外人透露,除了第四项例外。乐捐者可用匿名方式捐款。

3. 两位乐捐者将被委任为稽查员,查阅捐款。

4. 乐捐者的姓名、联络电话、电邮及捐款额数,将会提供给稽查员,为查账之用。

5. 一份乐捐者的完整名单,在义款收足后,分发给每位乐捐者。



8. 你的乐捐,表示你接受这份指南,你是绝对自愿的参与。我及任何人都对你的参与将引发的任何不便,时间及金钱上的损失,或法律的牵涉,一概不需负起任何责任。

9. 乐捐者在任何时候,任何理由之下,可以索回所捐的款额。我,潘西满,作为此计划的发起人,保证会退还你的捐款。不过这要求必须在移交给受益单位之前提出。

10. 天主保佑大家。



Pauline said...

It is a personal project you have initiated. There are so many people soliciting for $ in the name of charity with many doubtful whether it is genuine or not or just give an excuse for not donating. As for me, if I want to donate, I give the benefit of the doubt to the initiator and he/she is answerable to the One Above if he/she puts it to own pocket. I wish that many will support in your endeavours

Simon Phun said...

hohohoh... I thought you would say: put my name down...RM xxxxxx.00

Never mind that, my money is yours, and yours is mine..

we talk about it later... :D

溪水信女 said...

Dear Simon,
Congratulations for initiating this project! May God bless your effort and generosity in doing it. May it come to completion and touch many lives!
Sorry lah! I can only donate prayers, and pray for more people to know about this project!

Simon Phun said...

Thank you.....溪水信女