Monday, August 11, 2008

远客来访 visitors from afar


她名为雪娇,来自柔佛州 Jementah 的Kebun Baru 新村,离开东甲约半个小时的车程。她丈夫名叫钦文,为人纯朴忠实。夫妻俩以垦殖油棕及树胶为生。他们共有四个儿子,三位已经工作了。



About eight or nine years ago, my youngest daughter, Elizabeth injured her neck during an outing. She was admitted to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital for examination and observation. We befriended a lady next bed. After the discharge, we maintained contact and became friend. We visit each other from time to time.

Her name is Pee See Jiao, staying at Kebun Baru New Village near Jementah, about half an hour's drive from Tangkak town, Johor. She and her husband, Kin Boon earn their living by tapping rubber and collecting oil palm. They have four children, three of them are already working. They are honest, simple and down to earth people.

This afternoon, they drove to Kajang to visit us. They brought many types of fruits for us: Rambutan, Duku, Langsat, Cempedak, Mangostine, mangoes...they are really nice people.

We have nothing to offer them except brought them out for “famous, guest-must-eat"Kajang Satey !

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Orang Kampong said...

simple people, warm and genuine gesture...