Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Warm smiles 温暖的笑容

On as many occasions of my visit to Sunway Hospital , Bandar Sunday, I always managed to meet Eric at different corners 0of the Hospital. His friendly and warm smiles greeted my wife and I yet again at the Cafeteria when we went for our routine medical check-up yesterday. Later we have a small chat at his office.

Currently he is the Manager of Medical Records Department. He has retired and is on contractual basis with the Medical Center.

Nice seeing Eric.

许多次到双威医医院,也不见得多少次了,都很巧的在不同的地点,遇到 Eric。 昨天,我和太太到该医院做例常身体检查时,又在餐厅见到了笑容可掬的他。过后,我到他的办公室小坐。


Eric 非常高兴的又见到了你。

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