Thursday, August 7, 2008

See you in Court 在法庭见

I was struggling with my computer which was protected by McAfee Anti-Virus software. The virus corrupted booting files. I was busy talking to Dell technical support staff through phone, later with direct-assist on line. It is OK now but needed to format the hard disk at a later date.

While doing so, news reported that Anwar pleaded not guilty of carnal sex charges at the Kuala Lumpur Session Court. He was released on RM20,000.00 personal bond without surety.

He was charged for having consensual unnatural sex with his former aide Saiful.

For not being charged for carnal assault (sodomy) as claimed by Saiful, and being released on personal bond, Anwar has scored the first round. The Government and the Police has also just shot their own legs.

今天下午,我的电脑出现了问题。虽然有 MacAfee 软件的保护,但病毒侵袭了我的开机文档,不能开机。我忙着和 Dell 的技术人员在电话中,接受指示修复,过后再用直接线上介入,终于把电脑修好。


他被控双方自愿进行非自然行为肛交(非鸡奸),以及被准以个人签保,安华已经在这次被他称为“有政治意图,陷害” 的控诉中,胜了第一个回合。也因这样,政府及警方已经显露了他们的底线的软弱。

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