Sunday, October 19, 2008

Anniversary celebrations 欢庆周年

The Mustard Seed Evangelisation Center (MSEC) is celebrating its 17th Anniversary yesterday and today (18 & 19 Oct).

On this special occasion, they have invited Dr. Dominic Yung, the Director of the Hong Kong Diocesan Audio & Visual Center, to give a talk entitled " In search of Jesus in the movies" last night.

The Cahaya Puri Holdings Sdn Bhd, a non-profit company set up solely by the laity with the mission of promoting reading habit and evangelisation through printed media and audio visual materials, took the opportunity to hold meeting with Dr. Yung to finalise the copyright and production of DVD produced by his Center.

An open-house Anniversary reception will be held today at the Mustard Seed Center immediately after Mass at 1:00 pm.



光仁控股有限公司,一间全由平信徒斥资开办,推广阅读、以平面媒体及影视媒介做福音传播的非营利公司,也趁这个机会,和容博士洽谈在本地制造及售卖他的中心所出版的DVD 及版权事宜。


From left: Tian (Golden Horse winner of Screenplay ), David Chia, Professor Emiratus Chen, Yung


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