Friday, October 17, 2008

The rotten lot and the rotten plot 阴谋者和诡计

Utusan Malaysia is a Malay daily controlled by the UMNO. Currently it has one aim: to "kill off" Seputeh Member of Parliament Teresa Kok.

First it fabricated a storey of Teresa Kok leading a campaign to silent a mosque's loudspeakers. This landed Teresa being arrested by the Police under the ISA purportedly for insulting Islam. Teresa has since filed a RM 30 millions suit against the newspaper.

Two weeks ago, a Molotov cocktails was thrown at her family home.

Two days ago, it published a short storey entitled "Politik Baru YB J " penned by Malaysia Press Institute CEO Chamil Wariya depicting a revolutionary thinking female Chinese MP was gunned down at a dialogue session.

This prompted strong response from Lim Kit Siang who blasted Chamil for " an irresponsible piece of literary licence for inciting the killing of Teresa Kok”.

Marina Mahatir, a right activist and blogger responded: “.....To write a fictionalised account of such a 'what-if' scenario is also no excuse. Utusan Malaysia has lost whatever shred of moral high ground it might have had.”

This prompted Teresa Kok said in yesterday's Parliament session "Why do they hate me to the extent of shooting me dead?"

Before the dust settled down, according to a news report, another poem appeared in today's Utusan Malaysia entitled 'Ratu anjing; yang melengking itu' (That queen of dogs that barks), penned by one Dr Ibrahim Ghaffar. The poem, among others, contained phrases such as 'Kok anjing biar menyalak' ('Kok the dog, let it bark'). The daily described the poem as a reminder to those who threatened Islam and the Malay race.

To these gifted writers and publishers behind the plot, who are supposed to uphold values and moral, to use their intellectual for the betterment of society and mankind , I would like to said to them : You are a wasted lot, self-serving and rotten to the core. A Chinese folks' saying "eat shit" is very appropriate for you. It would be better for you be drowned in the depths of the sea with a great millstone round your neck because you have poisoned and corrupted the culture and moral values of our Malaysian society.

To Teresa Kok and the righteous people, I would like to use today's Gospel reading for encouragement.

"I tell you, my friends, do not fear those who put to death the body and after that can do no more. But I will tell you whom to fear: Fear the one who after killing you is able to throw you into hell. This one you must fear. Don't you get five sparrows for two pennies? Yet not one of them has been forgotten by God. Even the hairs of your head have been numbered. So do not fear: are you not worth more than a flock of sparrows?" (Luke 12)

马来西亚前锋报,是一份巫统掌控的马来文日报。目前该报好像只有一个目标,那就是:“铲除”士布爹区国会议员郭素沁 (Teresa Kok)。



两天前,马来西亚前锋报刊登了一篇由马来西亚新闻学总裁查敏写的小说,题目“Politik Baru YB J 新政治思想的YB J"。故事讲述一位华裔女国会议员,思想新潮,在一个对话集合中,被人开枪杀死。明眼人一看就知道是影射国会议员郭素沁。




当尘埃还未落定,另一波又起。跟进新闻报道,马来西亚前锋报又刊登了一遍诗歌,由一位依不拉欣博士所写,题目“吠叫的狗皇后”。文中其中一句 “郭姓的狗,你就吠吧”。该报形容这首诗是要给那些威胁到回教和马来人的人一个警告。

这些非常有写作才能的人和出版者,本来就应该捍卫道德和价值观,也应该用他们的学识和能力来改善社会及人类生活。但这写阴谋的策划者,我要对你们说:你们是白活了,自私而且腐败到骨子里。正如华人常说的,你们去“吃屎好了”。 你们荼毒及腐袭了我们马来西亚的社会文化和道德价值,最好你们拿上一块磨石,系在颈上,沉入深海去死好了,免得树立恶表,贻害后代。



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