Wednesday, October 29, 2008

chicken,dog ,delicious food 鸡 、狗 、佳肴

Yesterday, a day after Deepavali (28/10/08), my wife and I went down to FARM to collect a puppy from Andrew.

Andrew slaughtered a 3+ kg "neutered" chicken specially for us. It was a special bred chicken for its succulent tasty meat. It can fetch more than RM150.00 if sold to restaurant.

Instead of one, we took back a pair of cute puppies which is a cross between pincher and Chihuahua.

Later in the evening, we have a RCIA fellowship at one of our team members' house. The fellowship was aimed to foster closer relationship among catechumens in a more relax atmosphere. It was an enjoyable gathering.

At the end of the day, I have put on another couple kg of weight! Too much of eating.

昨天早上 (28/10/08),屠妖节的隔天,我和太太到 FARM 去向 Andrew 拿只小狗回来。

Andrew 特地杀了一只三公斤多大阉鸡请我们吃午餐。这是一种特别饲养的鸡,它的肉特别嫩、香、甜。假如是售卖给餐馆,可拿到马币150.00 左右。





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