Friday, October 3, 2008

The learning journey 学习之旅 (6)

29-09-2008 is the last day in Macau and our tour. It was a Sunday, so we attended Sunday Mas at the nearby St. Francis Xavier Church, which was five minutes walk from our hotel.

After Mass, we were warmly greeting by the Parish Priest who hailed from Brazil. He treated us to a delicious breakfast. (group pic top)

Later, Mrs Anna Lee brought us to visit the historical St. Joseph Seminary and the Church of same name. She led us into the rich history of Macau Church and its important role in the Asian evangelisation mission. We saw the holy relic, a piece of humus bone, of St. Francis Xavier at the church (right).

Meeting Bishop Jose Lai of Macau at his residence is the last event of our visit. Despite his busy schedule as the host to the ongoing Portuguese-speaking Bishops Conference, he took time off to meet us. He was friendly and greeted us warmly.

29-9-2008 星期日,是我们在澳门,也是这次访问的最后一天。我们离开宾馆,步行五分钟后就到了圣方济各沙乌略堂参加主日弥撒。本堂巴西籍的神父热情的欢迎我们,并设早餐招待。(最上端右全体照)



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