Friday, October 3, 2008

pit stop 休息站

On our way home after the funeral, we decided a detour to the Farm for a short break. It was raining, the air was fresh and cool. Andrew was cleaning up the place after a group of guests left.

We went out for lunch (2:30 pm) at a country restaurant in nearby Broga.

Andrew showed off his new addition to the Farm - five puppies. He promised to give us one.

we were home by 6:00 p.m


参加葬礼后的回家路上,我们决定到 FARM 稍作休息。当时正下作雨,天气凉爽,空气清新。Andrew 正在打扫着,因为一群住客刚刚离开。


Andrew 特别展示了他的新成员-五只小狗。他答应给我们一只。


Pincher& Chihuahua crossed

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Pauline said...

Yeh!I will soon have the company of one of them