Sunday, October 5, 2008

our favourate loaf 喜爱的面包

Lily(seated) just came back from a Yoga Workshop in Singapore. She bought us our favourate loaf of bread, the Fruit and Nut Loaf. It is not sold in Malaysia.

It is delicious, yummy with plenty of fruits and nuts. It smells good too with a price tag of S$4.20 per loaf (500 gm).


它非常可口,里面有好多种水果干和果仁,香喷喷的,但价钱 也不便宜,每条新币四元二角。(五百克)

** Lily is a qualified Yoga Instructor and a Taoist Taichi International Instructor. She is a practicing Buddhist and a vegetarian.

** 莉莉是受训瑜伽老师,道家太极国际教练。她是一名佛教徒,素食者。


Pauline said...

By the way, how much did Gardenia pay you to advertise their loaf?

queen_of_bee said...

gotta hard-sell abit so that fruit&nut will come to malaysia

Simon Phun said...

Even at RM 4.20 a loaf, I can afford one loaf per month...may be extra loaf on my birthday...:D