Thursday, October 9, 2008

Prayer needed 需要祈祷

Fr. Leo Chang was admitted to Assunta Hospital upon his complaint of abdominal pain yesterday. Medical tests were carried out throughout yesterday afternoon.

Today, the specialist doctor confirmed that he has a cancerous growth in his Pancreas and has also spread to his liver. A scope will be done on his bile duct this evening. The doctor in charge would decide on next course of action later.

I am not sure how Fr. Leo takes it (he seems normal) but all of us are really sad and shock to hear this news.

Please pray for him.

*Father is taking it in stride. He allowed me to reveal to concerned parishioners of his illness. “tell them to pray for me." he said.

27/6/08 Guangzhou Airport

张学礼神父因为肚子痛,在昨天进入了亚松大医院, 并在下午进行了各种检验。




In hospital today(looks OK)

*张神父准许我向关心的教友透露他的病情。“请他们为我祈祷” 他说

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