Sunday, October 26, 2008

PPA 牧民大会

After a holiday, I usually find myself in a "withdrawal" condition - lazy and feeling tired. However, we have to drag ourselves on this Sunday morning to attend the Parish Pastoral Assembly (PPA) starting with a morning Mass at 8:15 am.

The Assembly started at 10:45 am with reports and reviews followed by individual language groups discussion. We have about 300 participants from four languages attended this assembly.

In line with the PMPC III, the pastoral focus of the parish for year 2009 is on " a systematic review of our strucftures, strategies and plans."

The Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. William Michael presented the Vision and Mission statement of the parish:

Our Vision: To become a community of faith, service and love rooted in God's word.

Our Mission : To build a Christian Community to be aware of its roles in BEC and Ministry.

Archbishop Murphy Pakiam attended the Assembly.

在度假过后,通常我都会有一种我称为 “假期断瘾” 症候,会觉得懒散,疲倦。但是,今天一早,我们得起来,参加早上八时十五分的弥撒,及过后在十时四十五分举行的堂区牧民大会。


根据第三届半岛牧民大会的结论,堂区 2009 年的牧民焦点是“对我们堂区的结构,策略及计划,作一个系统的检讨。”





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