Sunday, October 12, 2008

We just loved to celebrate 我们就是喜欢庆祝

My Parish Priest Fr. William and his Assistant, Fr. George and the parish community held a party on Saturday for Fr. Henriot to celebrate his Award by the French Government (see my Blog posting 9/7/2008). The community just loved him and the community just loved to celebrate.....:D (see video, bottom)

It commenced with a Thanksgiving Mass followed by a community dinner attended by more that three hundred parishioners.

Fr.Henriot served in Holy Family Church for more than 13 1/2 years (1977-2001). He is a well respected and well loved by the community.

我们的堂区主任威廉神父及助理赫神父,连同堂区教友团体,在星期六傍晚,为夏理和神父主办了一个庆祝会,以欢庆他受法国政府册封服务勋銜(参看我的旧纪事9/7/08)。我们的团体对夏神父爱护有加,我们的团体也喜欢庆祝。。。。 :D

庆典以感恩弥撒开始,然后一个团体聚餐。超过三百名教友出席这项庆事。(请看录影, 下)


Fr. William (right),
Fr. George and me

See video 录影

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