Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy fellow

This morning, my wife and I visited Mr. Chong (79), who is home-bound due to damaged eyesight and degenerative lower backbone. His leg muscle is weak, cannot sit too long or walk too much. His eyes cannot expose to bright light.

He used to complain whenever we visited him of his back pain, hearing noises in the ear, not able to sleep and lack of appetite. He looked sad and would cry when we left.

Due to our travelling and other commitments, we have not visited him for almost two months. This morning, we noticed a changed Mr. Chong. He looked jovial, walking steadily. He did not complain anything at all, not even the bright glaring light. His wife told us quietly that her husband was a little senile.

But he was very talkative and seemed happy. When we shared with them of our recent visit to Hong Kong, Mr. Chong interjected:

" I want to fly to China. I have not sat on a plane before."

"Can you stand the four hour journey? you have back pain?" I said.

"No problem. This will exercise my body. Can you see the houses from the plane?"

"Can. The fly path of the plane landing in KLIA is between Kajang and KL. Sometimes we can see the twin towers also." I said.

"Can see my house ?"

"I think the house is too small to see...unless you go out to wave a big red flag..." I said.

"Then I will do it then..hahaha"

"OK, next time when I sit a plane, I will inform you the time my plane will fly past your house, then you go out to wave.." I said. We all laughed.

"Mr. Chong, you look very well and energetic. You looked!" I said.

"Because I took the wrong poison" He said cheekily. Then we all laughed again.

"Can I take a photo of your cool look?....others can see too" I said.

"No problem..." He sat up and adjusted his shirt. "one with sunglasses, one without". I took a few shots with my phone camera.

"You looked cool..."

"So you take my photograph before I died?!". Again, we laughed.

Mr. Chong looked happy, smile a lot. We are happy for hin too.

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