Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ipoh pigi 上霸罗 2

Ipoh - beautiful hills and lakes 山明水秀怡保美

I arrived at Ipoh at 6:20 pm in a heavy downpour. Shy to call Peter for help because I have made a wrong turn to his house...@%$%@, really malu-lah, after coming to his house so many times. It is a good reason for me to acquire a GPS set now.

我在滂沱大雨中,于傍晚六点二十分到达怡保。真是羞人 @%$%@...来了兴文的家这么多次,还是走错了路,只好向兴文电话求救了这给我充足的理由买个全球定位导航系统GPS了。

Great appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Annie and Peter Cho and others for their generousity and warm welcome extended to us. We returned to KL today at 4:00 pm. It was an interesting trip.


1. Food - Raymond has Ipoh Chicken and Tofu Fa upon his arrival at noon. Then we have hawker food, Chemor famous fish-head mee, WenChang (Hainanese) chicken rice.

1.食物 - Raymond 在到达怡保的下午,就去吃了出名的怡保豆芽鸡和豆腐花。我们也去小贩中心享用各种小吃,又去朱毛品尝了当地著名的鱼头米粉和鱼滑,又吃了文昌海南鸡饭。

Hawker food

Fish paste

Hainanese rice


2. People
- Singapore Legion Fellowship Baby. We saw him five months ago in Singapore as a 3-month old baby. I met him and his parents in Chemor (their hometown) for breakfast. He is eight months old and able to sit on chair to have breakfast with us. His elder sister is as cute as ever too....

2. 人物 - 交流会宝贝 - 五个月前,在新加坡圣母军交流会上,我们见到了最年轻的参加者,人见人爱的小宝贝,当时他只有三个月大。这次我在他们的家乡朱毛会见了他的祖母,父母亲景光夫妇及可爱的姐姐。小宝贝已经八个月了,仍然还是没长出头发,但可以坐在椅上和我们一起吃朱毛闻名的鱼头米粉和鱼滑。

8/11/2008 Chemor 在朱毛
1/6/2008 新加坡 at Singapore (上、下)

Peter brought us to vist Bro. Cheong Ji Chong at Lim Dan New Village. It was a village house with many plants and a small Koi pond. We enjoyed the cool and fresh night air and the beautiful surrounding.


3. Place - By coincident, we passed by a Kuala Kuang New Village on the way to Chemor. I remembered my father stayed there before and most probably it was my place of birth. I remembered my elder brothers, uncles and cousins used to mention such name. I may come back again with my cousin to re-discover my tie with this place. (my birthplace in Birth Certificate is stated as Chemor)

3. 地方 - 在前往朱毛途中,我们经过一个名为瓜拉光的新村。我记忆中,我父母曾在此居住过,这可能是我的出生地。记得哥哥、叔辈及堂兄弟们都常提起这个新村名字。我将会约定我的堂哥到回这里查看我和这新村是否有渊缘。 (我报生纸上的写的出生地是朱毛


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