Friday, November 7, 2008

Ipoh pigi 上霸罗

I am leaving for Ipoh at 3:45 pm to meet up with Raymond Yong. Raymond has traveled from Penang to Ipoh this morning.

Peter Cho, the ever-ready warm host is taking care of Raymond right now. We shall stay a night at Peter's house and come down to KL tomorrow afternoon.

Ipoh chicken, sar ho fan, dim sam, Old town white coffee.... here I come !!!

我等下(3:45 pm )将前往怡保(也叫霸罗),会合Raymond Yong. 他今早从槟城乘搭巴士到怡保游玩。

当然是有好客的兴文接待啦! 我们将住在兴文的家一晚,然后在明天下午回到吉隆坡。

从前有句口头禅: 亮哥哥,去霸罗。我就是亮哥哥了!


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