Thursday, November 6, 2008

Extraordinary 不平常

Feasting again!

Last night I went for a wedding dinner of my fellow legionary's son at HGH Hall in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. I was sharing a table with Francis and his wife Linda.

Whenever I see them, my heart filled with joy and gladness. They always smile and full of enthusiasm to share whatever they are doing, especially their church and BEC activities. Right now they are busy involved with the fund raising dinner which will be held at the same venue this coming Saturday. They are raising fund for the new church complex of their Jesus Caritas Church in Kepong.

It needs extra effort for anyone to take up this task, more so if you are having certain health condition. Francis is a renal failure patient for about 8 years and needs dialysis three times a week. It is a heavy burden for him, physically and financially. He bears it courageously. He lives life with faith and hope with the support of family especially his wife Linda. He has a regular job but is active in church activities too. Francis and Linda are legionaries who do regular visit to the sick and aged.

I admired his courage, faith and trust in God. He is a shining example for me in bearing life's suffering and pain.

May our Lord continue to bless him with courage and protect him and his family always.

From left: Francis & Linda



每当我见到这对夫妇的时候,心里就会涌出一股感恩及喜悦的情怀。他们满怀笑容,很热忱的和我交谈,也常分享他们的工作,特别是堂区及BEC, 以及圣母军的工作。目前他们正忙着帮忙筹备将在这个星期六,在同一个礼堂举行的大型筹款晚宴。这宴会是为他们的堂区,甲洞圣爱堂兴建新教堂基金筹款的。






** Thanks to Francis and Linda for allowing me to share their story and picture.


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I salute you Sir!