Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not so good 不很好

I am very disturbed today.

Fr. Leo Chang's condition not getting better. Yesterday and today his stomach blotted and having difficulty passing motion. Dr. ordered fasting so that a scan can be done. This is a clear sign of worsening of his cancer.

One floor below, a young man who is close to Fr. Leo, and sometimes stayed overnight with him, is undergoing "Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy" for his haemorrhoids problem. He is still in the Operation Theater now. He has blood and stomach problem also.

I was not able to visit Fr. today but my wife did. She just informed me Dr. has found out it was water retention that caused the swelling of stomach. He has prescribed medication and hoped it works.

Please pray for both of them. Mother Mary, comfort them.







Anonymous said...

where is he now? In China or Malaysia?

Agatha Ngu said...

i am Agatha here

Agatha Ngu said...

I will pray for him

Simon Phun said...

thanks Agatha, still in Assunta Hospital, Petaling Jaya. His condition is not so good. Dr has to drain water from his stomach whenever it is blotted. Sometimes can be as much as 2 litres.