Friday, November 28, 2008

I must let out... 不吐不快


In recent weeks, some events and people really made me fuming and cursing.... angry, frustrated, laughing and yelling. I must let out........

On Nov 9, the beast-like Policemen charged into a peaceful crowd who were merely holding candles in a park. They manhandled and arrested 24 people, including a member of Parliament, a State Assemblyman and a priest. If the overzealous policemen didn't disrupt this gathering, at the end of the night, everyone would just go home to sleep, no harm to property and people, no disruption of peace. It would be just another peaceful night, in a peaceful country with peace-loving people living peaceful lives.

The uncivilised and violent Police behavior has something to do with the Head of Police (IGP). He publicly dressed down his subordinate, the Traffic Police Chief, for not informing him of an operation by the Traffic Department of arresting traffic offenders who did not pay up their summons. He ordered a postponement. Really malu. What police force is this? No credibility, inefficient administration and uncivilised - publicly scolding his own senior officer.

Arrest! no arrest.... made us like fools but they are the actual fools.

Then we saw the realease of Abdul Razak Baginda, the accused in Altantuya's murder case. He was free to go "given the benefit of doubt solely based on his own statement."

I know nothing about law but I agreed with many people's opinions : "There is no desire of the prosecution to establish a prima facie case..."; "Justice not only must be done but must be seen to be done. In Altantuya's case, that has not been exhibited."

Rubbing salt to the wound, after his release, Abdul Razak Baginda held a press conference on 21/11/o8 to declare that his good friend the Deputy Prime Minister has not met Altantuya and his wife was not involved in the murder case.... who was he to tell the world about this... who was he to Najib?

He was just like the thief in the Chinese story who has stolen 300 silver pieces and buried in the ground. In order not to arouse suspicion of others to dig out the silver pieces, he placed a signboard on it reading" No 300 silver pieces here".

I agreed with Raja Petra Kamaruddin: " ... send the murderers of Altantuya to hell....".

The latest news was the banning of Muslim to practise Yoga by the National Fatwa Council. Actually, this is strictly a Muslim affair. It was the reasons given that made me fuming.

The council chairperson Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said although the physical aspect of yoga, excluding worshiping and chanting, might not be wrong in Islam, the exercise should be avoided by Muslims as "doing one thing could lead to another".

"We discourage Muslims from practising yoga as a form of exercise because it will ultimately lead to religious worshiping and chanting which is against Islam.

Oooh ooh ! I must discipline myself not to see too much of beautiful ladies.. one thing can lead to another. Scandalous-maaan! BUT Ladies, don't worry, I only admiring.... the animals only can be led to do the "another".

To my Buddhists and Taoist friends, keep working on Sundays. If you follow the world (western) practice of resting on Sundays, it may lead you to Church to worship... Jesus le!

Then our Jeanne-loving PM Abdullah came to the rescue. He said: " Muslims can continue practising yoga as long as no elements of worship or mantras are involved ".

There is a Chinese saying " Blind man touching the elephant". If the blind man touches the ear, then he will say: "ah ! elephant is round and thin". If touches the leg, "ah! elephant is like a tree, tall and round."

The fact is: These "not blind" men,including Prime Minister, may have never stepped into a studio or a gym to see how Yoga is being practised in Malaysia. Or bothered to find out themselves, WHAT IS YOGA?. They are worse than blind man. They are not only blinded in sight (have eyes but cannot see) but also their hearts too!

I have practised Yoga for more than 10 years, my wife more than 15 years. We did not chant, did not worship, did not change our religion. We practised Yoga for health... not hell or for that matter, not heaven either!

My faith is not that shaky and paper-thin that easily influenced by others or dictated by others of what to do or not to do.

This is the situation in our country....a lot of people blinded by hatred, religious fanaticism, prejudice, racism, greet and self interest. The image of our country especially the Government under BN also reflected in our " bastard " members of Parliament! Sorry teacher, the word "bastard" is not vulgar but very parliamentary. It is frequently spoken in the Parliament of Malaysia and it is acceptable.

On Nov 6 parliamentary session, BN Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman shouted at Kulasegaran, Opposition MP of Ipoh Barat :"You bloody bastard! You picked the wrong guy! You settle this with me! Outside!".

When other MPs complained to the Speaker to take action against such behavior and language, the Speaker replied: "....... But to make Parliament lively, me and my deputies have many times pretended not to hear the words that were uttered......". The Opposition MPs condemned his behaviour but none from the Barisan Nasional (BN).

This showed up what type of coalition BN is. As one BN MP pointed out outside the parliament (BN has a standing order to its members - one for all, all for one. To defend or keep quiet on fellow members in Parliament) that "the standing of the Barisan , Government and Parliament is tarnished..... Barisan is paying a heavy price because of the boorish behaviour of a few MPs."

You can see more antics of this "bastard" MP Tajuddin in today's newspapers on other issues and occasions. I do not want to dirty my Blog further. He and few others MPs are disgrace of the nation.

Then we have the Datukship on the begging! Melaka has conferred to Bollywood star Shah Ruk Khan a Datukship for .....$%$@**%..... hold on ! let us check with Datuk Shah Ruk Khan he knows where Melaka is? He was supposed to come to receive his title this month but postponed due to tigh schedule. Well, Datukship can wait. Afterall it is cheap... or at least is cheaper in India.

Oooo ya, Yes, I am feeling better now !

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