Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My new toy 我的新玩具

"Drive 150 meters and turn left" a crisp lady's voice sounded.

"turn left"

"Drive 2.8 kilometers and turn right"

"800 meters ahead turn left keep left"

"turn left"

"600 meters and turn left"

"turn left"

"200 meters turn right"

"Drive 50 meters and arrive at destination on right"

hohoho!, I have arrived home. Ya, I was testing my new toy - GPS set from office to home. It was easy to use and very accurate, so far.

In fact, I used it to go to Melaka with Raymond Yong. Guided by the GPS, I did not need help of my Melaka's friend as I used to do. We have visited the St. Peter's Church, St. Francis Xavier Church, ruins of St. Paul's Church, A Famasa and the Hang Li Poh's well without difficulties.

“ 行驶150 米转左 ” 一个清晰的女性声响起(英语)。

“ 转左 ”。

“ 行驶2.8公里转右 ”。

“ 八百米转左靠左 ”。

“ 转左 ”。

“ 六百米转左 。”

“转左 ”。

“ 二百米转右 ”。

“行驶五十米抵达目的地,右边 ”。

呵呵呵, 我到家了!我是在试用刚购买的新玩具 - 卫星导航系统,从办公室回家去。到目前为止,路线非常的准确。

其实我已经用它引领我和Raymond 到马六甲一日游。我们毫无困难的依照着它的指引参观了两座历史悠久的教堂,圣保罗教堂遗迹,三宝井等。我不需如以往般的麻烦马六甲朋友的带领。


mei said... many new things...everyone in pictures you posted look so different.

Simon Phun said...

ya, including yourself in picture, but thank God, everyone is OK.

mei said...

myself? different?? Different clothes always have black coat only. Nobody knows you washed your tshirt or not also! hahaha!