Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life goes on 生活如常

Fr. Leo Chang's condition is critical. Not eating or drinking for the last two days because unable to swallow. Heavy breathing, muscle spasm... Not able to talk... I got up at three in the morning and went to bed again after five. I can only pray for God's mercy on him.

Otherwise, life must go on.

I was practically dragged up by my wife's phone call reminding the morning session cum 10th Anniversary celebrations of the Everfit Yoga Studio.

It was founded by Lily Teo and few sweet young things ten years ago.... for good physical health and friendship.

A pot-luck fellowship was held after the morning Yoga and Taichi exercise. About 150 members and Yoga, Taichi enthusiasts attended the celebrations.

莉莉 (右二)Lily (Second right)



我几乎是被太太的来电从床上拉起,提醒我早上的运动班及 Everfit Yoga Studio (瑜伽中心) 的十周年庆祝。这中心是在十年前,由莉莉女士,联合几位年轻人共同创立的。

在运动过后,大家共享美味的早餐。共用约150 名瑜伽 、太极爱好者及会员参加了这个庆祝会。

More pictures in YOUTUBE 更多照片

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