Sunday, December 14, 2008

A friend 一个朋友

I knew her about 15 years ago. We went for a concert. Since then I have not heard of her.... until a few months ago, she left comments in my Blog.

She is now a mother of 3 children residing in Limbang, Sarawak.

Two weeks ago, I received an email: "Uncle Simon, I am already in UUM (University Utara Malaysia in Kedah) for month long study of my Masters programe ending 13/12. I will be in KL on 14/12 morning...."

Hahaha... what do you think who she is? She was studying in UKM fifteen years ago and attended Mass in Holy Family Church. That was how I came to know her.

I offered to fetch her from the airport and spend half a day in Kajang before she flies home on an evening flight.

After the Everfit Yoga Studio anniversary celebrations, I went to the airport.

With her was her course-mate Susan from Kuching. We managed to attend the 10:30 am Chinese Mass. It was their first time to our new church which was opened in 2001

She also visited Fr. Leo Chang who was the Parish Priest during Agatha's student years in UKM.

Before going to airport, we have, what else? Satey!!

It was raining heavily and we barely made it to the airport less than an hour before the closing of the check in counter for Susan's 5:00 pm flight to Kuching. (AirAsia counter closes 45 minutes before flight).

To make matter worse, due to renovation, they closed the Car Park entrance causing traffic jam. When I dropped them at the Departure entrance, it was less than 40 minutes before flight. Agatha, Susan and my wife rushed in with the luggage. I waited in car a distant away...

I prayed:...Hail Mary, Full of Grace, help Susan get her place.... Hail Mary, Full of Grace, help Susan get her place.... Hail Mary, Full of Grace, help Susan get her place.....

Almost five minutes later, my wife called: " OK, Susan was the last passenger to check in..."

And Agatha has no problem for her 7:00pm flight to Miri.

Thank you my Mother.




约在两个星期前,我收到了一通电邮:“Uncle Simon, 我现在在北方大学(吉打州),参加为期一个月的硕士文凭的一些课程,到13/12 结束。我将会在14/12 早上到达吉隆坡。。。。”



在参加了瑜伽中心十周年庆祝之后,我到机场迎接她。和她一同到来的是她的同课程同学,来自古晋的 Susan 。

我们刚好赶到加影圣家堂参加十时半的华文弥撒,这是他们第一次踏足2001 年落成的加影新教堂。

过后,我带他们探访了病危的张神父。张神父是 Agatha 读书的时候,加影圣家堂的本堂神父,与她很熟络。


去机场的路上,下了滂沱大雨,我们刚好在离开Susan 五点班机起飞前一小时抵达廉价终站。(亚航在起飞前四十五分钟关闭)。但不巧的是因机场修工,进入停车场的入口关闭,引起了交通阻塞,当我抵达离境入口时,离开起飞时间少过四十分钟了!

Agatha, Susan 及太太马上拿了行李,冲向登记手续柜台,我则留在车内等候。

我心中一阵惊慌,马上祈祷:“万福玛丽亚,你充满圣宠,求你帮助 Susan 拿到她的位。。。。。” ;“万福玛丽亚,你充满圣宠,求你帮助 Susan 拿到她的位。。。。。”; “万福玛丽亚,你充满圣宠,求你帮助 Susan 拿到她的位。。。。。”

大约五分钟之后,接到太太的电话:“一切OK, Susan 是最后一个登记乘客!”

Agatha 七点飞美里的班机更加没问题了。


Agatha & family (with priest and friends)


Susan said...

Uncle Simon,
Shalom. I am Susan. I have read what you have posted. I really thank God for a faithful servant like you. God teaches me everyday through the surrounding, the happenings and people that he brought to my life. Yesterday, i have learnt so much from God. He taught me to be faithful to the calling of God through Father Leo's life. When i saw him, God was whispering to me that he had accomplished his mission that God had entrusted, he had fought a good fight, he is awaiting for the crown from God. He spurs me to serve God more fervently. Secondly, I learn from you too. Uncle you have a great heart of a God's servant. I feel so unworthy to receive your hospitality. I thank God for bringing you into my life to teach how a servant of God live out His Love and Grace.
Another incident to share, I was praying in the car too during the journey to the airport. However, I am quite confident that i could make it. I know God is listening and He just want me to Trust in Him. Thank you for your prayer, combined prayer has more strength right? Thank you for everything Uncle Simon. Hope to receive you someday in Kuching too. God Bless.

Simon Phun said...

Susan, its a great pleasure meeting you, albeit a brief and "speedy to airport" one. You are very spiritual - seeing God in everything... good in everything. I need to learn from you - the young one!

Yes, prayer works, God hears... And may we always united in prayer, wherever you are....irrespective Catholic or Methodist.

You are most welcome in Kajang, anytime is good time.. God bless.

*Susan is a Methodist.

Agatha Ngu said...

Uncle, thank you so much. We just arrived in Limbang this afternoon after took 2 days rest in Miri n bring around my kids to go jalan-jalan in Miri. I felt so happy that still can manage to meet u all n go back to Holy Family church n visited Fr.Leo before he go back to the Father's house. It's all God's plan. When i was inside the church n i did recall back the old Holy Family Church, it was like long long long times ago. The church can develop like this is all bcoz of u all effort and prayers and also Fr.Leo powerful prayer during he lifetimes. He had spend his life there for the benefit of the young one.Thanks God for sending Fr. Leo to be there to touch so many people's heart turn close to God. Let's pray that Fr. will enjoy his enternal life with our God in Heaven forever and ever. Amen.

Simon Phun said...

Agatha, we praise our Lord for Fr. Leo Chang. It was very touching to see you and Susan's appreciation and compassion of God's gift in the person of Fr. Leo Chang.

Give thanks for all the blessing upon each and everyone of us.

Take care.
** Your contribution will be offered for Masses for the repose of Fr. Leo Chang.