Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank You 谢谢

Our Crazy Idea - The Dialysis Machine project has been successfully concluded. The final amount collected is RM29,450.00.

A great thank you and appreciation for all friends who have supported the project. Among the donors are housewives, grandparents, youngsters, students, businessmen and women, groups and a priest.

May God bless you all.

We will donate a new B.Braun dialysis machine from Germany costing RM40,000.00 to The Haemodialysis Association Klang ( An NGO in Klang, Selangor). Another RM4000.00 will be donated to another Center to repair a dialysis machine. All done in the name of : KAJANG BLOGGER & FRIENDS.

Just to answer a question you may ask: I will cover the shortfall needed for this project.

Thank you all. God bless you. Perhaps we shall work together again sometimes in future for another worthy cause.

This is the best Christmas gift for the needy. Merry Christmas to all of you- with Love.

我们的疯主意-- 洗肾机计划成功的完成了。最后的捐款数字是RM29,450.00.



我们将购买一架德国制造的B.Braun 价值RM40,000.00的洗肾机,捐给雪兰莪,巴生的洗肾公会,一个非政府组织。另外也捐助现金RM4000给另一个洗肾中心修理一架洗肾机。以上的捐献,都于【加影博客及朋友】之名奉上。




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