Tuesday, December 23, 2008

They divide my garments 他们阄分我的衣服

Received a call at about 9:30 am from a fellow parishioner. He informed me he was at Fr. Leo Chang's residence with a priest and a nun from India. They were interested in Fr. Leo's collection of books and asked may they have them. I informed him that I have no time to check on all items left behind by Fr. Leo Chang. Father may have promised to give them (or part of ) to someone. Give me sometime to sort out first. He persisted as if there was no reason to keep the books there, after all they were priest and religious who wanted them..... At the end I have to be firm and said "NO".

I was very sad and annoyed. It reminded me the scene of Jesus' death. "When the soldiers had finished crucifying Jesus they took his clothing and divided it into four shares, one for each soldier. His undergarment was seamless, woven in one piece from neck to hem; so they said to one another, 'Instead of tearing it, let's throw dice to decide who is to have it.' In this way the words of scripture were fulfilled: They divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothes. That is what the soldiers did. "(John 19:23-24)

Why so hurry? why so cold? Did they care about feeling of others? Couldn't they wait to keep the place in order in memory of the deceased for a little longer?

I recalled another incident upon the death of our Catechist Lucy Leong more than ten years ago. There were few Religious Sisters staying upstairs of her in an apartment owned by the church. Few days after Lucy's death, the Sisters were impatient to move into Lucy's apartment on ground floor. They called me many times even willing to assist if I was not free to do so (clearing of Lucy's belongings). The same passage of Jesus' death appeared in my mind then. I had to tell them curtly: "Please wait. I will inform you once it is ready. "

In a parish or a community, there are many good people who are very good to the priests, taking good care of their meals, material needs and other chores. I always appreciate such people in the community. However, some of these good people sometimes may be over zealous and overdoing. They behaved as if they "own" the priests. They are not hesitate to use their influence, to show off their close friendship and some even take advantage on the close relationship with the priests to influence decisions.... I have seen them all !

I am not keeper of Fr. Leo Chang. As the Chairperson of Parish Pastoral Council serving Fr. Leo Chang in Kajang until his retirement, I continue to maintain contact with him when he was staying in Montfort Boys Town and later at Sri Seronok Retirement Home. He was well looked after by the Archdiocese. Together with many other former parishioners, we visited him regularly and attended to his other needs whenever we can.

I would prefer clearing and sorting out Fr. Leo Chang's belongs slowly (within a month), and cherish, reminisce his presence at his former residence before his death. This is our respect to him.


我当时是非常的伤心及气恼。我脑子想起耶稣受难的情景。 “兵士将耶稣钉在十字架后,拿了他的衣服,分成四份,每人一份;又拿了长衣,因那长衣无缝的,由上到下浑然织成,所以他们彼此说:『我们不要把它撕开,我们掷骰,看是谁拿到』。这就应验了经上的话:『他们瓜分了我的衣服,为我的长衣占阄』。士兵果然这样作了。”(若19:23-24)




我不是张神父的看护人。我是在张神父从加影堂区退休前,担任堂区议会主席职 。他退休后,搬进蒙福城及后来到了教会的退休居处,我们还保持联系。他受到总教区的照顾,但连同许多堂区教友,我们都会尽能力照顾张神父的其他需要。



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Thank you for looking after Fr. Leo Chang so well, even after his death. YES! You did a very good and right thing by being firm to them. In fact, they have no right at all to do so. really sadenned by the behaviour......

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Thanks 信女及祖厚。。。我的确有“尸骨未寒”就分家产的感觉。




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