Saturday, January 31, 2009

5th Anniversary 五周年

Assistant Parish Priest Fr. George Harrison (35) was ordained on 2/2/04 at the St. John's Cathedral Kuala Lumpur. Our parish celebrated his fifth Ordination Anniversary at the evening Mass today.

After Mass, parishioners gathered at the newly renovated Parish Hall for a pot-luck fellowship.

May our Lord continues to guide and protect him in his priestly ministry.

Fr.George(left) with Fr. William (2nd right), Fr.Mitchel (right) and
Chairpersons of PCC Ms. Deborah, PPC Mr. Francis Ooi

本堂副主任赫乔治神父(35岁)在2/2/04 于吉隆坡圣若望主教座堂晋铎神父。今晚我们在黄昏弥撒欢庆了他的晋铎五周年。


祈愿主继续的引领 、保护他的司铎生活,勇往直前。

Fr. William led the grace before meal 威廉神父作饭前祷Some of the wellwishers. Alex, 2nd from left and a RCIA graduate, with wife Christine (center)
and other Serdang BEC members.

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