Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brutality 兽行

Yet another detainee died in Police custody. A 23-year old Indian youth died in Police custody at the Taipan Police Station, subang Jaya. He was detained for alleged involvement in a car theft syndicate.

The body was sent to Serdang Hospital for post mortem. The Selangor Chief of Police gave the cause of death as "water in the lung". Some family members barged into the mortuary and taken pictures to uncover the "cover up" of Police.(with cuts and injuries on body and limbs)

The family lodged reports against the Police for the death (murder)of the youth and against the Police Chief for lying.

At the meantime, Police also recorded statement from various people, including two Indian Deputy Ministers, regarding the "illegal" barging into the Hospital mortuary.

Statistics showed that there were a total of 1,535 custodial deaths in the country between 2003 and 2007.

This family is lucky to have his son's body. A detainee (Indian man)at Brickfields Police station was reportedly "jumped" into Klang river under Police detention about two years ago. The body was never found. The mother is pursuing a civil action against the Police for killing their son with help from some human right NGOs.

Update 23/1/09 7:50 pm

Following a massive public outcry, Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail has classified the death of Kugan Ananthan as murder and an investigation is underway. (see video on Youtube-viewer discretion advised)







23/1/09 晚上7:50 最新讯息: 在公众的舆论下,总检查司干尼把这宗扣留所死亡案,列为谋杀案,并进行调查工作。(看录影Youtube- 小心,有残忍图像)

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