Tuesday, January 20, 2009

By-election 补选

Kuala Terengganu (KT) Parliamentary by-election on 17/1/09 was won by PAS with a higher majority. This is a slap on the face of....ehh..ee not Abudullah, but Najib! Abdullah flew off to Gulf states for "makan angin" visit in the afternoon of the polling day.

Despite of the concentration of high fire power of Barisan National machinery, millions of Ringgit pumped in- from both the Government and BN, this is a failed buy-election for the BN.

As always, BN applied the usual formula: money, stick, money, threat, money and more money. It is an outdated formula.

The Chinese which consists of about 11% of the voters in this constituency, voted smartly by voting the BN (60%) for their own good. However, they do not reflect the general sentiments of the Chinese population at large. It is the Malays that voted against the BN a.k.a UMNO. A strong message that UMNO would not take it for granted, any more.

Some interesting facts appeared in many blogs on this buy-election:

1. The Returning officer of this by-election resigned few days before polling. Mat Razali Kassim who is also the Datuk Bandar of Kuala Terengganu, was accused of campaigning for the BN, He threatened council staff to vote for the BN.

2. Many big dinner hosted by component parties. An 80-tables dinner hosted by Gerakan is one of them.

3. Money spent lavishly to garner vote. Certain party went to the markets, bought a papaya (or other item), paid RM200.00..."keep the change". Many media reporters also given cash in envelope. Blatant money politic.

4. The Oppositions advised the voters: take the BN money, vote for PAS. Words had it that the voter must use their mobile phone to capture the image of the ballot paper where a cross has been marked in favour of the BN candidate before he/she can collect the RM1,000 cash reward.

5. Umno has come up with raffles to draw the crowd. Lucky draw prizes include motorcycles and big TVs.

6. The most ministers, heads of political parties, members of Parliament (especially from Oppositions), police personnel (6500) by-election of recent time.

Listen to the voice of the people, the voice of change. Same old monkeys, same old peanuts, same old tactics, same old tricks, same old ways are useless today. The ending is definitely no more the same.

The DPM Najib today warned BN leaders (including himself) to change to be in tune with the wishes of the people, failing which ‘punishment awaits in the next general election'.

He is worry. Thinking of himself switching place with Anwar Ibrahim as the new Opposition leader after the next General Election is a frightening scenario but a real possibility!

Najib must be having frequent nightmare after 117 KT failed buy-election.

17/1/09 瓜拉登加楼区国会议席补选,回教党以更高的多数票,打败国阵而获胜。这无形中是在。。喔哦。。不是阿都拉,是纳吉的脸上,刮了个耳光!阿都拉在投票当天的下午,已飞往海湾国家“吃风”访问。





1. 这次补选的选举官 Mat Razali Kassim,本身也是瓜拉登加楼的市长,在投票日前三天,突然辞职。他被反对党指责为国阵助选。他滥用市长地位,恐吓市议会员工,必须支持国阵。

2. 许多免费的大型宴会招待选民。民政党的80席的宴会是其中之一项。

3. 大派金钱。一个政党的人员,到菜市场购买一粒木瓜(或其他物品),掏出 200 元,吩咐档主,不必找了。新闻从业员也收到钞票。目中无人的金钱政治。

4. 反对党劝告选民,照拿国阵的钞票,但选票投给回教党。为此,消息传出,选民必须用电话照相机,拍下他们的选票,的确是在国阵天枰旁打叉,才能够领到马币一千元。(等于一张票一千元)

5. 巫统举办幸运抽奖,奖品丰富,包括摩托单车和电视机。

6. 这个补选,最多部长 、政党领袖 、国会议员(尤其是反对党),警察(6500人)的参与。

是时候好好的聆听人民的声音,要改变的声音。同样的老猴子,同样的花生,同样的花招,同样的伎俩 、同样的方法,都不管用了。故事的结局,当然是不一样了!



我想,纳吉在117 瓜登失败的补(钱之)选过后,常常会有噩梦。

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