Saturday, January 17, 2009

growing old 老年

Visited two old folks recently.

Mdm. M (80+) was sent to an old folk's home temporary by her children because of her worsening asthmatic condition. She stays alone, mentally alert and able to look after herself. Due to her constant fainting spell, the children put her in the home so that she can receive good care.

It was a private-run home with more than 60 inmates. Most of them were having medical conditions such as stroke, amputated limb, half-paralyzed, senile, wheel-chair bound and bed-ridden. Mischief and quarrel were common among the inmates.

The place was very clean with many Filipino workers but the environment is not suitable for folks with good mental faculty. Mdm M already there for about 2 months, crying and longing to go home when we visited her.

Her children took her home two days ago for the Chinese New Year. She vowed not to go back again. I too vowed not to be sent to this type of place even though it is clean and be well taken care of unless I am suffering from severe senile dementia.

We visited Mr. C today. He is also 80+ and suffering from senile dementia with distinct mental deterioration. He is bad-tempered. Constantly scolding his wife, sometimes with vulgar words. Throwing cups and plates when not happy. He chased his son-in-law away. He is no more his usual self.

His wife gets the brunt of his fury.


M 老太年已八十出,最近因严重气喘,被孩子送进一家老人院。


这是一间私人开始的老人院,住着六十多位老人,大都有着医药状况,例如中风 、截肢 、半身不遂 、坐在轮椅上 、躺在床上的 、和患有老人痴呆症者。老人们彼此之间有摩擦,争执等,也是常事。

这里可以说是打理的很好,干净,有许多菲律宾工人在此工作。但它的环境不适合那些头脑还机警,能自己走动的老人居住。M 老太在此已经住了两个月,在我们探访她时,哭诉盼望着能够回家。


今天我们也去探望了C 老先生。他也是八十多岁了,患上老人痴呆症,并有非常显著的脑力衰退。他变的脾气暴躁,常常咒骂他的太太,有时更用粗暴 、臭话来呼喝她。在他发脾气的时候,还丢掷杯碟。他甚至驱赶他的女婿。他已经不是以往的他了。



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