Sunday, January 18, 2009

For new year...过新年 (2)

It is 11:00 pm. I am listening to a radio programme on Ai FM (Mandarin) featuring Sr. Theresa Chew ( Blogger soulforparadise) and Sinchew Daily Columnist, Zhang Li De on topic "how Catholics celebrate Chinese New Year". It is a two-hour programme (8:00pm-10:00 pm.) While listening, I also do blogging... the following post-->

To feel and rub on New Year atmosphere, my wife and I, together with Adeline, went to Atria Shopping Complex at Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya. We avoided the more popular places like Mid-valley, Jusco.... because of the expected heavy traffic.

The place was a bit quiet. Obviously another declining shopping complex knocked out by the newer and bigger ones.

But to our surprises, on the center stage, a group from Full Gospel Businessman Fellowship were singing Christian songs praising God.

"It is the best time to praise and thank God on the New Year..." "Jesus is the Star!" "Because he lives, I can face tomorrow...".

Instead of "Gong Xi Fa Cai"..." Money rolling rolling..." "Happy New Year, 888888..." during this festive season, they sing Alleluia to the Lord, they gave thanks and praises to the Lord. I clapped for them. I admired them. I respect them for their faith and courage. I am proud of this group of fellow Christian brothers. The Lord's name is glorified.

It is almost twelve midnight and the programme is ending. Well done to the two of them. They have shared with the listeners how Catholics celebrate Chinese New Year, the importance of keeping traditions; reunion means forgiveness and reconciliation. They also dispelled the misconception of Christians do not celebrate Chinese New year (Christmas is new year to Christians) and paying respect to ancestors during Chinese New Year.

现在是晚上十一时。我正在收听 AiFM 电台节目。今晚的“乡音考古思想起”节目嘉宾是周莉娜修女(为天堂的灵魂部落格主人)和星洲日报专栏笔者张立德,主题是:天主教徒如何庆祝农历新年。 这是两个小时的节目。一边听,一边写我的部落格帖子如下:

为了感受及擦擦新年的气息,我和太太及女儿到八打灵的 ATRIA 购物中心走走。我们不去较大的如谷中城等,是要避开交通阻塞。

这个中心不是很热闹,人潮不多。看来这又是一间被更新 、更大的购物中心淘汰出去的一间“老”购物场。


“新年是最好赞美及感谢天主的时候了” “耶稣是明星”“因他活着,我能面对明天。。”

在这新年佳节要到来的时候,不是唱“恭喜发财” “财源滚滚来。。” “快乐新年发发发”,而是唱“阿肋路亚”,感谢赞美天主。我为他们拍掌。我尊敬他们,赞赏他们的勇敢。我为这群基督兄弟们感觉骄傲。天主的名受到光荣!

十二点了,节目也结束了。非常的好,他们两位把天主教徒如何庆祝新年,新年的意义,传统的重要,都和听众分享了,这包括我们新年祭祖 、宽恕 、 和好 、团圆 、感恩等的意义及文化 、 神学基础,很清楚的道了出来。很成功的节目。

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